Why we are Unique
ERICKSON FARMS is a totally VERTICALLY-INTEGRATED family-owned business. That means we own and control all the farmland for production as well as the processing facilities. From planting thru delivery to your facility, we are able to control all phases of corn production. Our quality control begins with annual test plot evaluations to ensure seed integrity. Meetings are held throughout the year with our staff to educate them on the proper planting, growing, harvesting, handling and storage practices necessary to satisfy ERICKSON FARMS’ demanding quality specifications.

Stewards of the Earth
It has always been ERICKSON FARMS’ belief that we are responsible for protecting and improving the soil from which our corn is grown. We practice conservation tillage and have invested millions of dollars in conservation practices over the past years and continue that same professional approach to stewardship still today.

Rain makes Grain
Another advantage to purchasing your Food Grade Corn from ERICKSON FARMS is the fact that our growing area is blessed to have an abundant supply of irrigation water available for the crops that are grown annually. This plays an important part in producing a consistent quality of corn that you would expect to receive from your supplier.

Leaders in Sustainability
We are harvesting more than just corn from our fields. Our corn farms are not only growing FOOD GRADE CORN, but also producing carbon credits, which is helping to improve the world’s air quality. It’s been over 10 years since Erickson Farms first adopted the use of grid soil sampling. Together with GPS mapping, variable rate application, low-pressure irrigation drop nozzles, rubber track tractors and auto steer, we continue to adapt to the latest innovations that agriculture has to offer. In addition, ERICKSON FARMS has signed an agreement with TRADE WINDS ENERGY to install twenty-four (2.1 MEGA WATT) WIND ENERGY TOWERS. These towers will be producing thousands of times more energy than Erickson Farms will be consuming annually. This is our way of giving thanks for the privilege of being able to live off the land.

Our modern precision processing equipment assures you of the highest quality corn available. Over one million dollars have been invested recently with the latest in corn cleaning technology. To date, our Food Grade Corn processing facility only accepts CERTIFIED NON-GMO varieties. We consider it a privilege to be your supplier for all your FOOD GRADE corn needs. We offer bulk and bag product and ship by truck, railcars or export containers. We can custom-blend for your special needs.

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The tradition continues…

Angelo Erickson with his son, Alexander